Puffed water lily seeds are an all-around talent: an authentic soul and superfood!

Our Oh Lily! Crunchy Water Lily Seeds are light, airy and crispy. They represent a fancy and healthy alternative to conventional snacks.

Buy six single Oh Lily! Snacks and get 15% discount during checkout.


  • crunchy chocolate snacks aztec treasure

    AZTEC TREASURE – crunchy chocolate snacks – 100% Oh Lily!

    For real chocolate lovers! Crunchy chocolate snacks enjoyment without a guilty conscience. Our vegan and gluten-free snacks made from puffed water lily seeds are coated with 70% dark chocolate and dusted with raw cocoa powder.

    Buy 6 and save 15% during checkout!

  • nourish award nutritional yeast

    CHEEZY VEGAN – Nutritional Yeast – truly # 1 Oh Lily! Nourish Award

    THANK YOU for helping us to receive the Nourish Award

    Cheese lover watch out: We have combined puffed water lily seeds with nutty-tasting nutritional yeast, freshly ground sea salt and black pepper. We have created the finest cheesy snacks that are vegan and gluten-free!

    Buy 6 and save 15% during checkout!

  • fun with friends box crunchy snacks

    Party box – fun with friends Oh Lily! snacks (12x)

    For the next party or a successful evening with your loved ones! With this party box, you get a total of 12 savoury and chocolaty Oh Lily! Snacks.

    +++ When you order this box, we give you the delivery costs – only valid in the UK +++

  • savoury and chocolate box

    Savoury and chocolate discovery snack box – 6 x Oh Lily!

    Discovery Box with a culinary mix of Oh Lily! Crunchy Water Lily Seeds – chocolate and hearty (6 bags).
    Do you want to be an explorer too? Then try the different flavours of our Crunchy Water Lily Seeds. With this box, you get 3 hearty and 3 chocolaty Oh Lily! Snacks.


We have added dark chocolate flavour also in our Dark Chocolate Snacks 6x Oh Lily! Delicious Box.

Why are our Oh Lily! Water Lily Seeds so special?

Colourful on the outside, natural on the inside.

It doesn’t matter whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or low-sugar, or you are simply looking for new recipes – with our Oh Lily! Crunchy Water Lily Seeds and our Oh Spicy! you can make your diet tasty and varied with spice mixtures.

Our Oh Lily! Water Lily Seeds are not only a snack; they are also a topping for various sweet and savoury dishes.

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