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The idea of making snacks from water lilies originated in India. Water lilies can also be found under the name water lilies. In India, the plants are grown and used in various ways. Water lilies have the advantage of being very nutritious and not sugar-free.

Oh Lily founder Dewi and Govinda

The two siblings Dewi and Govinda, realized some time ago that you can refine the puffed water lily seeds with different ingredients, and this is how this new snack or topping was created.

Dewi and Govinda (Gov) are from Paris and live in London. There they started making OhLily snacks and selling them at various events.

You could also call them “Les Parisiennes in love with food”.

Interview with Oh Lily founder

Peakfood: You are both French gourmets and the Oh Lily founder through and through. So please tell us …

What do you like to eat most?

Govinda: Nasi Uduk, a fragrant rice dish made from coconut milk, lemongrass and pandan leaves. It’s so aromatic; the smell alone makes it irresistible!

It is a typical dish from Jakarta, Indonesia. When our mother cooks it, I can’t resist and always try straight from the saucepan.

Dewi: It will sound very clichéd, but it has to be ratatouille with an excellent crispy baguette! It’s like summer on a plate.

Peakfood: What are your favourite dishes if you cook yourself?

Dewi: I really love cooking kitchri. The slow cooking process is so relaxing for me. It already starts when you look at the colourful spices. Then the vegetables are cut, and the rice and dal washed

Peakfood: Dal is a dish in Indian cuisine mainly prepared from legumes, especially chickpeas, lentils, beans or peas.)

The scent is lovely when everything slowly starts to boil.

Gov: broccoli curry. Broccoli is my favourite vegetable, and when I’m starving, it is a quick and filling dish. I love how simple yet full of flavour and, most importantly, delicious it is! And I can change it uniquely every time I play with the spices.

Peakfood: Where do you like to eat out?

Gov: On the streets! I love going outside and being drawn to the sounds, smells, or food look. You can really feel the heart of a place when you eat from the traditional street vendors.

Dewi: For me, it’s more about having a good cup of coffee. I love our local Italian Casa Tua, the perfect macchiato! It means “your house”, and I think it’s an extension of our living room!

Peakfood: Where do you prefer to eat in the world?

Gov: At home! The most calming food with a lot of love.

Dewi: That is a tough question for me! Our parents are both great cooks, and I love their home-cooked food. India and Italy are both a vegetarian food lover’s paradise! It’s hard to eat badly there, and there is always something sweet to follow in both countries!

Peakfood: If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gov: Rice! My grandmother called me “the rice eater” I need my portion of rice (almost) every day!

Dewi: Hmmmm, bread … a crispy sourdough, please. At home, we always laugh about the fact that we have a rice team and a team of bread.

Peakfood: Dewi & Gov, you love to travel too! So please let us know … How many countries have you already visited?

Dewi: Actually not too many, because I prefer to visit people rather than a country. In addition, I am not really a “visitor”, and I need a lot of time when travelling, at least 2-3 weeks. I like to see tourist destinations, but I also need time to sit in a local café, and people watch. People watching is my favourite thing to do while travelling!

Gov: I don’t like counting; travel is more about quality than quantity! You can discover so many different landscapes and cultures in the same country. In one country you can go on countless, unique trips.

Peakfood: What are your favourite destinations and why?

Gov: I travel to Asia a lot. Maybe because I feel a natural connection, this part of the world has a calming effect on me. I have French and Indonesian roots but live in the western world; when I’m in Asia, it’s like spending time with that other part of me!

Dewi: I always go back to India! It really has everything from great food to spiritual nourishment.

Peakfood: Where haven’t you been? Where do you want to go?

Dewi: I would like to visit Japan to experience how tradition and modernity are combined. That fascinates me. And I’d love to talk about Japanese food and stationery afterwards!

Gov: New Zealand to experience the great outdoors.

Peakfood: What items can’t you travel without?

Gov: A book, a couple of matches, a clean pillowcase (you never know where you will sleep!) And a Swiss Army Knife, a habit I already had as a Girl Scout.

Dewi: A notebook and a pen. I collect notebooks, treasures, and the pages are filled with local recipes, cafes, etc.

Peakfood: Do you prefer company or do you choose to travel alone?

Dewi: Mostly company, because it’s better to order more food (haha). But even when travelling, it’s always essential to have some time for myself. Either I get up earlier or make a different plan for a day.

Gov: Both are good and yet so different.

Peakfood: A big Thank you to the Oh Lily founder for disclosing something about yourself.

Reinhard Eschbach

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