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Nourish Award 2021
nourish award nutritional yeast

This year Oh Lily! Won the coveted bronze award of the British food industry with the product Oh Lily! CHEEZY VEGAN.

Immediately after the award ceremony on Friday evening, September 24th, 2021, we had a short interview with Dewi and Govinda.

About the Award: Nourish Awards is the UK's premier healthy food award. One of the most demanding awards in the UK. Oh Lily! won bronze with CHEEZY VEGAN in the healthy snacks category.

Wow: Oh Lily! won the Nourish Award for CHEEZY VEGAN

Peakfood: Dewi and Govinda, how are you after receiving the Bronze Award for the Crunchy Water Lily Seeds Cheezy Vegan?

Dewi: In July, we received the news that we were among the finalists for the award. That was fantastic news in and of itself, knowing that the Nourish Awards would get hundreds of applications. We were very excited and proud when our brand Oh Lily! was called.

Peakfood: What does that mean for you?

Dewi: Receiving an award is an excellent recognition of our mission to inspire conscious snacking and wellbeing. Our product is in line with our goal of nourishing body, mind and soul. Oh Lily! rejuvenates the healthy snacks category.

Govinda: We applied for a food award for the first time and are very happy to be on the podium with our bronze medal! Above all, the Nourish Award is the leading health food award. The judges look for foods that offer a healthier option than what can be found in the market, packed with nutrients and great taste. So it is an essential recognition of our work and our commitment to offering a natural and delicious snack. Our Crunchy Water Lily Seeds Cheezy Vegan show that you can strike the right balance between health, taste and great crunchy texture!

Peakfood: On https://nourishawards.org we saw Deborah Meadon from the TV show DRAGONS’DEN.
A quote from her interview: “The whole clean eating issue has never been more important for personal health abroad indications for the planet. I thought it essential to get involved. ”
How important is a healthy diet to you?

Dewi: Healthy eating means eating a balanced diet with nutritious foods that allow me to feel good; it’s a daily decision and a priority.

Govinda: Eating healthy should be our natural way of eating. We ​​have simply forgotten to listen to our bodies in modern life, and we are distracted by the endless possibilities the market offers. When analyzing and thinking about what I eat, my body feels good with healthy/clean eating.
I think it’s also a shift in our focus that we should work on for the planet and ourselves.

Peakfood: Why did you apply for the award?

Dewi: It is crucial to show our customers that our products are a healthy snack choice and support wellbeing. We get a lot of positive comments from our customers, but expert judgment adds another dimension to it. The jurors are nutritionists, specialists in the food industry. It is further support and helps us to show that our customers can trust us.

Govinda: When choosing ingredients, I always pay attention to naturalness and high quality. To flavour our water lily seeds, we select ingredients that enhance the existing benefits of our super seeds, such as turmeric, raw cocoa, nutritional yeast, matcha green tea and more. The Nourish Award enabled us to present our Crunchy Water Lily Seeds Cheezy Vegan to a jury of food industry professionals focusing on clean eating, and winning the Bronze award showed us that we are on the right track! It’s also an essential step in building customer trust.

Peakfood: What’s next for Oh Lily! ?

Dewi: This Nourish award is proof and confirmation of our hard work for healthy eating, but it is not enough for us. Even with conscious snacking, our minds have to be in the right place. Stay with it with our holistic wellness events.

Peakfood: We look forward to hearing from the wellness events.

Dewi and Govinda

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Savoury and chocolate
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6 x Oh Lily!

🆕 Try new and exciting flavours.
😋 Healthy, nutritious snacks.
😮 Surprise your taste buds with something new.
🥣 The perfect accompaniment to your porridge.

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