Great Oh Lily! got a 5 star food hygiene rating

Food Hygiene

The importance of food hygiene ratings Food hygiene ratings are grades awarded to food processing businesses when evaluated for compliance with food safety laws. The organisation receives a rating based on the inspection. You can see on the Food Standards Agency website that businesses give you an extensive overview of the evaluated categories. Area inspected […]

Nourish Award 2021

nourish award nutritional yeast

Wow: Oh Lily! won the Nourish Award for CHEEZY VEGAN Peakfood: Dewi and Govinda, how are you after receiving the Bronze Award for the Crunchy Water Lily Seeds Cheezy Vegan? Dewi: In July, we received the news that we were among the finalists for the award. That was fantastic news in and of itself, knowing that the […]

2 Oh Lily founder Detailed Background interview – insightful

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Oh Lily founder Dewi and Govinda The two siblings Dewi and Govinda, realized some time ago that you can refine the puffed water lily seeds with different ingredients, and this is how this new snack or topping was created. Dewi and Govinda (Gov) are from Paris and live in London. There they started making OhLily […]